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I’m Emma “Rosie” Sycks, an Atlanta-based student, designer, and artist focused on improving the intersection of humans and the products/experiences they encounter. I am pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Media and Design with a focus in UX/UI Design from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I am also completing additional coursework in Compture Science, Psychology, and Industrial Design. My experience ranges from interning for SPANX to working for local non-profits—and everything in between.

My Passions
I am passionate about design, creativity, and innovation. Above all, I am passionate about people. I love the way design and techonology bring together people of all different backgrounds and walks of life.

I want to create designs that empower underrepresented communities, inspire others, and provoke positive changes in the culture we live in.

Fun Facts
I love coffee☕️, photography, R&B music, and pasta.
I backpacked the Laugavegar Trail in Iceland in under 3 days (it was very, very cold)!
In my free time, I love spending time with family and friends (social-distancing, of course😷), going on long walks, and working on creative projects. My favorite things include roadtrips, Autumn in Atlanta, the color red, and attempting to cook @the_pastaqueen’s recipes ︎

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