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Atalanta Running App

An app allowing the Atlanta running community to keep each other safe through the sharing and display of data points.

My Role
User Research + Product Design
Partner Dana Hicky
Duration 3 weeks


How can runners help other runners feel safe when exercising around the Georgia Tech campus through the sharing and use of data?

Our Goals

Through the app mock up we plan to allow multiple ways to interact with the data and gain usable knowledge from it. By putting the crime data in a particular context, like while someone is running, people can better understand the relationship of the data to their habits and actions.

We hope that by combing the crime data with other users living data (their own safety comments) user can learn more about their surroundings to stay safe while running.

Main Data Sets

GA Tech Specific Crime Data

Including but not limited to theft, robbery, motor vehicle theft, aggravated assault around the Georgia Tech campus.

The data is pulled from the crime reports that are publicly posted by GTPD. This data from recent incidents around campus from the last month.

We choose to use this data set because it reports dangerous events that affect the lives of GT students.. Having knowledge of these events along with where and when they occured allows users to be more aware of their surroundings.

Atlanta Crime Data

This data source includes Atlanta crime incidents with our focus in the midtown and neighborhoods surrounding the Georgia Tech campus. We want to focus on a vague perimeter that is accessible by the average long distance runner. The data history of reports includes crime incidents from the month.

We chose to use this crime data with our users in mind. We want our users to feel in-control, aware, and knowledgeable about the safety of the different areas they choose to encounter. While knowing about the crime data in an area can be alarming, it is even more unsettling and anxiety inducing to not know what is happening around them.

Lived Data

We then also added another layer of crowd-sourced data from the users. This data set includes various user’s personal safety notes (and their GPS location of the note) including general safety, path problems, pollution, social distancing, and then a positive “recommended” option.

This data would be collected as users use the app either during their runs or afterwards through the main map screen.

For this project, we asked peers from Georgia Tech who run regularly to make notes on their runs of places they felt safe or unsafe.  The data collected for this project includes the user’s username, their comment, the latitude and longitude location, and what category it falls under.

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Data Display + Usage

The display of the official crime and lived experiences data allows users to make informed decisions about where they want to exercise

Example Maps

The display of the official crime and lived experiences data allows users to make informed decisions about where they want to exercise

GTPD data, points mapped using Tableau and changing to Atalanta-style icons using Adobe XD

Lived experiences points added to map using Adobe XD

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