The Atlanta
Analog Club

→ Branding and Editorial Design
→ Spring 2018

About the Project

This project was born from the prompt: create an organization. And brand it.

I created the Atlanta Analog Club (AAC), an organization for creative individuals with a passion for film photography. From the hobbyists to professional, the clubs members come together to connect, learn, and create work. The club hosts monthly meetings along with events like gallery nights, guest speakers, workshops/demos, and photo-walks.


I started out by brainstorming interesting communities and hobbies. Some ideas I played around with were:
“The Breakfast-for-Dinner Club”
“The House Plant Babysitters Club”
“The Atlanta Coffee Club”

I finally settled on a club for film photography fans.
Thus the “Atlanta Analog Club” was born.

User Research

At the time of creating this project, I did not know much about film photography. In order to be empathize with my target user (film photograph users & enthusiasts), I conducted interviews with local film photographers. The goals of these interviews were to hear firsthand accounts of the wants, needs, and opinions of users.

Important feedback from interviews
  • Desire for a community darkroom
  • Access to forums where film photographers could share tips
  • Want an environment that is conducive to collaboration and connection with other photographers


Establishing the tone for this brand was very fun. As the practice of film is often considered “retro” and “vintage,” I wanted to draw from a retro-inspired aesthetic. I pulled inspiration images from 60s French cinema, retro graphics, and film photographs.


Member ‘Merch’

As an incentive to join the Atlanta Analog Club, new members get a complementary film roll.

Online Presence

Atlanta Analog Club’s digital presence includes a website—desktop and mobile.

The website includes:
  • Basic company information (about, contact, location)
  • A calendar, updating group members about events and monthly meetings
  • An online forum where members can share advice and ask questions
  • An online gallery that features members’ work

If you have questions regarding any specifics of this project, please contact me.