Bits of Good UX Design Bootcamp

Role Instructor
Team Mira Dhingra and Kimberly Do (co-instructors)
When Aug 2021-Present

About the Bootcamp
The UX Design Bootcamp is a 10 week course teaching students the fundamentals of user research and design.
  • Weekly Lectures + homework assignments
  • Semester-long casestudy project
  • Interactive workshops

Lecturing on wireframes

My Impact
I am passionate about breaking down barriers to design education and building community. As a Design Bootcamp Instructor, I am able to do both!
  • Delivering lectures and interactive workshops
  • Providing feedback and critique on students’ work
  • Communicating with exec and advocating for my students
  • Organizing class bonding events
  • Facilitating project showcases to increase students' visibility

Students presenting their work

What is Bits of Good?

Bits of Good is a student run organization at Georgia Tech that educates and connects students with local-nonprofits to create powerful web apps.