Electrik Skin

︎ Graphic & Web Design Internship
︎ Winter/Spring 2020

Electrik Skin Productions is an Atlanta-based production company committed to telling independent, progressive stories. My role as the design intern at Electrik Skin Productions is to assist with company branding, design websites, and create marketing collateral related to feature film, music video, and commercial projects.

Unfortunately, I am unable to include more details about this project at the current time. If you have questions regarding any specifics of this project, please contact me.

Website Design

One of my main tasks is creating websites for Electrik Skin and their clients (companies, events, films, etc).

Electrik Skin Logos

One of the main inspirations for Electrik Skin’s branding is the 90s punk zine aesthetic. This is what informs our company graphics, typography, and colors.

Company Business Cards

One of my favorite challenges at Electrik Skin so far was to create a new company business card. The deadline was tight (a two-day turn around) to get the business cards ready in time for the Sundance Film Festival.

Project Graphics

I have been tasked with creating a graphic for each feature film Electrik Skin is currently producing.