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IBM Power

UX Design + Research
2022 - present

Design & Research for IBM Power

Power is IBM’s platform of high-performace servers and the accompanying hybrid-cloud products and digtial interfaces used by enterprise IT team.
Role UX Designer & Researcher
2022 - present

Projects I’ve worked on

UX Design for PowerVS

2023 - present
PowerVS, or Power Virtual Server, is an enterprise Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering. It allows companies to quickly create and deploy “virtual server instances”  without needing to be on-premises.

Design contributions
PowerVS Additional Products and Services Catalog →
- Reserved IPs
- More in-progress!

UX Research for IBM Power Transformation

2022 - 2023
Collected, synthesized, and transformed large quantities of complex user data into a set of client experience goals to guide IBM Power’s business strategy.

31 customers engaged
328 total need statements generated
7 client experience goals created & tested with users
4 playbacks delivered

UX Research for Ansible Automation for Power

2023 - 2024
Uncovering gaps in users Ansible Automation and IBM Power skills and strategizing ways to make filling these gaps exciting and helpful to users.

- Surveyed clients and partners resulting in 65 responses, including 35 complete responses
- Led interviews with 8 users from 5 customer companies
- Uncovered 4 areas to improve the Ansible for Power learning experience and Power-provided resources
- Launched a public community & forum for users to interact with IBM/Ansible experts & fellow users

Learn more →

UX Research for Server Energy Usage & Sustainability

 May - Aug 2023
Investigated IT teams’ motivations and methods to reduce their server energy usage.

Surfaced customer and business partner sentitment and goals in regards to sustainability. 

Building community

San Francisco Design Week 

Read about our 2023 event ︎︎︎ 

Annual Team Cookbook

Started in 2022 as a fun way to share our favorite family recipes with each other from across the world

Designer Trading Cards

To encourage team member to learn to collaborate in Figma & onboard new team members

SF designer bonding events!

Encouraging IBM’s SF-based design community to reconnect through both in-person events & virtual activities.

The best part 

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