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Summer 2021

Project details

When June - Jul 2021

For IBM internship

Rosie Sycks / Design Intern
Jandra Aranguren / PowerVS Design Lead
Jose Paez / PowerVS Product Manager
Development & engineering team
About the project
Designing a new way to publicize complementary services within IBM Cloud’s PowerVS offering.

My role
Conceptualizing and leading the user research and interaction design for the addition of a catalog page

My impact
  • Research: recruiting research participants, conducting interviews & usability testing
  • Design: from initial sketches to hi-fidelity prototypes
  • Pitching design proposals to Product Management team
  • Establishing a standard for similar project requests

Background Context

What is PowerVS?

PowerVS, or Power Virtual Server, is IBM’s hardware utilization monitoring tool.

It allows users to create “virtual server instances” and monitor their IT workloads remotely (without needing to be in-person/on-premises at a data center).

Whew—that was technical! Let’s try again...

Imagine a server is a large hotel and the data stored in a server are the hotel’s guests.

PowerVS is like the hotel’s reservation webpage that allows users to configure and check-out “hotel rooms” for guests to stay in.
A user can go online and remotely reserve a hotel room or multiple rooms (virtual server instances) for their guests (data workloads).

They can configure the “rooms” to meet their needs. How many beds do they need? Do they need a desk? A coffee maker? A pull-out sofa?

Our Users

“the travel agents booking hotel rooms from their travelers” 

① IT Professionals
Information technology professionals working within our client companies using PowerVS to run workloads
② MSPs
“Managed Service Providers” are external professionals who manage IT workloads and solutions for clients using both IBM & non-IBM products.
③ IBM Employees
IBM consultants, solution architects, “garage” engineers, etc using PowerVS to enable their clients’ goals

The Problem

PowerVS is not a “one-stop-shop” for users. Users need a whole ecosystem of products to form a cohesive solution to their IT & data needs.

If PowerVS is a hotel reservation website, travel agents (our users) still need links other tools and services to help their travelers have the best stay possible.

Users are confused about where to find additional services. The search for solutions outside of IBM’s ecosystem. IBM has an “Integrated Backup” service; however, it is often unknown by our users.

My assignment

An IBM Global Technology Services team would like us to call-out their “Integrated Backup” service within PowerVS user interface to drive more of our users towards their service.

However... After talking with fellow designers and offering managers, I realized the problem is broader than just providing a simple call-out. Integrated Backup isn’t the first conversation the team has had like this-and it won’t be the last!

Thank you for viewing✨

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