Bits of Good, a Georgia Tech stduent org that connects student volunteers with non-profits to build web apps, was struggling with a lack of students trained in product design.

What is Bits of Good?
Bits of Good is a student run organization at Georgia Tech (GT’s chapter of the national Hack4Impact organization) that educates and connects students with local-nonprofits to create powerful web apps. 

After a year working as a product designer for Bits of Good, I noticed two problems:
1.) Bits of Good lacked a consistent pipeline of students skilled in product design
2.) Many of my fellow Georgia Tech students also wanted to become product designers but lacked formal UX design classes and resources. 

To help bridge this skill-gap, Mira, Kimberly, and I volunteered to lead a bootcamp covering the fundamentals of user research and design. The Design Bootcamp trains and equips students to later join Bits of Good as Product Designers where they can use design to serve non-profits✨

💡 Our goal was to facilitate a pipeline of students equipped with design skills from the bootcamp into becoming Product Designers to work on Bits of Good’s non-profit projects.

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Graduated over 40 students from the bootcamp and created a pipeline for training and securing product designers to volunteer for Bits of Good’s non-profit projects.

I am passionate about breaking down barriers to design education and building community—as a Design Bootcamp Instructor, I was able to merge both of these passions! Additionally, my impact included:
  • Delivering lectures and interactive workshops
  • Providing feedback and critique on students’ work
  • Communicating with execs and advocating for my students
  • Organizing class bonding events (boba🧋 + protfolio jams)
  • Facilitating project showcases to increase students' visibility


Let’s stay in touch! Reach out via email if you’d like to discuss working together.

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